Casamento no Luso | Palace Hotel do Bussaco

In Portugal we have local drives and enviable to celebrate a wedding. Perfect example of this is the Palácio Hotel do Bussaco, Luso no. While wedding photographer, I can not ask for much more. :)
So many times I hear brides say me: “Now do not jump, Eduardo!”… because yes… horrible, is not? ;)
One of times of day: The reaction moved from father to see his daughter.
The palace Bussado. LINDO!
What I like the formal photographs are pearls that are sometimes. How are you…
The Luso has the reputation of having nothing. The scenery is breathtaking!…
… and the interior of the palace is not far behind.
I said a while ago in pearls, some? Formal… love it!
And finally, the first dance.
The photograph below MAKE me think… as worth recalling that moment for the bride within 30 or 40 years? Training of certa, I remember the advertising Mastercard:

A picture of the bride and her father: 100 €.

A look into a father’s heart: priceless!

The same applies to photography and the mother of the groom. One of my favorite.
Por fim, FIESTAAAA!!!
They worshiped…
… and I also! ;)