There are special days. Days blessed by the company of those who are dear to us. Filled with the warmth of tradition, symbol of what we are and memory than were.

Marriage – as a symbol of union – is at the core of our humanity. It is a historic moment in the life of those who participate in it. Grooms or guests. Celebrate us all – our uncles, our parents, grandparents, people, neighbors… And there is no one who does not appreciate him a recall. More so when it escapes us.

No fim, are always the pictures that convince us of what we were.

It is a privilege to contribute to this.

Before dedicating myself to wedding photography, I had a small passion for astro-photography. Although at the time it did not have the equipment you currently own, and the results leave much to be desired, was a modality that awakened me to something that I carry today: patience for the right moment.

Happy holidays! :)